What is Chi?

More than three thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese has already discovered and invisible kind of energy called Chi. On its macro scale, it vibrates through the universe, wafting through the sky, floating on earth and its water. On a micro scale, it is the inner energy which gives strength and soul to mankind. It is the pumping force behind the human circulating system which provide all the essentials for the well being and vitality of our human body.

The primary job of the fung shui master is to survey the environmental landscape and to locate the spot or area where the maximum concentration of this cosmic CHI settles. The Chinese buried their ancestor in the spot or location where the maximum landscape CHI settles. The corpse of the ancestor under the influence of CHI will then transmit signals to their offsprings. This signal will govern the offspring destiny depending on whether this CHI is good or bad. Good CHI will bring health and prosperous destiny while bad CHI brings grave misfortune. It is a general belief that the individual life destiny path is actually governed by the quality of fung shui of the tomb of our ancestor.

In the ancient art of Chinese oracle of fortune telling, the date of birth of the individual is the key to the destiny pattern which we believe are actually generated by the fung shui of our ancestor's burial site.